What Is a Road Rally ?
  • A Road Rally is not a race.
  • A Road Rally is not illegal.
  • A Road Rally does not require special equipment.
  • A Road Rally is an amateur event.
  • A Road Rally encourages novices to participate.
  • A Road Rally is a lot of fun.

A Road Rally is a type of auto sport event in which vehicles leave a starting point individually, at a recorded time, and are directed by printed instructions to follow a route to the finish. The instructions are presented in a interesting and challenging manner. Competitors are directed to drive prudent speeds. The route will generally consist of rural and quieiter back roads.

A Road Rally is NOT a race. Rather, it is a test of good driving and course following. It challenges the competitor to complete the route while staying on schedule.

There are General Instructions which list the terms used in the Route Instructions. Other information is presented that governs the event. These generals are available prior to your starting the competition. A sample set is presented on this web site.

A rally team of driver and navigator is given a set of Route Instructions to follow to complete the course. The goal of a Road Rally is to travel the correct route at the designated speeds, and arrive at "checkpoints" precisely on time. You are scored on how closely to the correct time you arrive. No Road Rally will ever require you to drive in a reckless or illegal fashion. Arriving too early at a checkpoint hurts your score, as does arriving late. You are required to check in at the checkpoints and get your time recorded on a score card. The winners of the rally are the team that accumulates the least error from ideal time.

Novices are especially encouraged to participate in Road Rallys. Novices compete within their own Novice Class, and not with the more experienced rallyists.