Rally Generals Instructions

These General Instructions will apply for the entire event. They will guide you in your execution of the Rally Route Instructions. The Rally Route Instructions will be provided at the start line.


1. Route Instructions are to be executed in the manner indicated, at the first opportunity.
2. Ignore all roads marked as Dead End, Closed, No Outlet or private unless specifically mentioned
    in the Route Instructions.
3. Go straight as possible, without regard to road surface, name, number or markings, through all
    intersections until the next instruction applies.          
4. Material in quotes (") may be read from signs. Signs may be quoted in full or in part, with no
    distinction made. Clues in quotes refer to the sign itself, not the object or place it identifies.
    No utility pole numbers or mailboxes will be used as clues. Spelling within quotes is important
    and must be exact.
5. Speed changes are to be executed at the landmark cited, or at the apex of the turn at which they
6. Maintain average speeds noted in the route instructions. IF an average speed is higher than the
    posted average speed, DO NOT exceed the speed limit. You will have ample opportunity to make
    up the lost time legally before the next checkpoint.
7. Clues may be on either side of the road.
8. 'U-Turns' are NEVER required.


All checkpoints will be located on the right hand side of the road, and will be marked with a checkpoint sign similar to the samples displayed at the start. Checkpoints may be located anywhere along the
route after Section One. You MUST STOP at every checkpoint you encounter. Checkpoints will open 15 minutes before the first car is due to arrive, based upon the previous major restart time. They will close 45 minutes after the last car is due to arrive as calculated from the last restart time, unless all cars have cleared that checkpoint.


Travel past the checkpoint and stop well clear of the traveled portion of the road beyond the control (use the shoulder of the road to park). Return to the checkpoint on foot to have your time recorded on your score card (route card). Only one person from the car needs to go to the checkpoint.


The rally will be timed to the nearest minute. Your time is taken as the front of the car passes the checkpoint sign. One penalty point will be assessed for each minute early or late. Timing is for the
event is non-cumulative, that is, early or late times at one checkpoint cannot be made up at a consecutive checkpoint. Checkpoints will record the time to the minute by dropping the seconds. Controls will be located at the bottom of the minute. This will allow you approximately plus or minus a half minute error without penalty. Timing discrepancies should be resolved at the control where they
occur. A competitor must always run based on the time on his route card.


1 -      point per minute early or late at a control
20 -    points maximum time penalty at any control
30 -    points for a missed checkpoint. The time penalty at the next control encountered will be based
          upon a sum of the official elapsed time for the missed checkpoints and the actual elapsed time
          from the previous time-out.
30 -    points for improper checkpoint procedure, such as stopping within sight of a checkpoint, or
          entering a control from the wrong direction.

Disqualification at the discretion of the rallymaster for any traffic or criminal violation, consumption of alcohol during the event, or unsportsmanlike conduct to other competitors or any official.

 PLEASE keep this in mind. A rally is not a license for reckless driving.
Obey all traffic laws and show courtesy and patience to other drivers and participants.

Tie Breaker: Where a tie exists the following procedure will be used to  arrive at the better position:

1) The car with the largest number of checkpoints at which no penalty was incurred.
2) The car with the largest number of consecutive checkpoints at which no penalty was incurred.
3) The car with the lowest number of points at the first checkpoint, then the second, third, etc..
4) A tie will be declared.

GLOSSARY of terms used in the rally:

AFTER - Any navigational aid identified by the use of the word "after" may be found anywhere along the rally route following the point of execution of the immediately preceding route instruction.

AT - Any navigational aid identified by the use of the word "at" will be visible along the rally route where the speed change or turn is to be executed.

AWAY FROM - A turn in the opposite direction of the indicated navigational aid visible from
the intersection.

BRIDGE - A structure built over a river, railroad, highway, etc. to provide a means for
vehicles to cross.

CAS - Change Average Speed
CROSS - To go straight across the roadway or object mentioned.
CROSSROADS - An intersection in which two roads cross each other.

FOLLOW - To stay on the named or numbered road on which you have been placed until the next instruction applies. It will be necessary to "follow" at least once before beginning to look for the
next instructional clue.

FREE ZONE - A specified section of the route containing no checkpoints.
INTERSECTION - Any meeting or crossing of two or more public roads.

JOG - A turn in the stated direction followed by a turn in the opposite direction within .20 miles whose execution always begins at the base of a tee.

JUNCTION - An intersection in which two roads meet but do not cross.
L ,LT, Left - A left turn (from 1 to 179 degrees)
MILEAGE - A distance along the rally route given to 0.01 miles
ON, ONTO - When told to go on or onto , you must proceed on or onto a road with a new name, number or road surface.

PAUSE - To delay a specified time. You should add time to your timing calculations as directed by the instruction.

PICK UP - To go essentially straight onto a new named, numbered route, or road surface.
R, RT, Right - A right turn (from 1 to 179 degrees)
RRX - A railroad grade crossing.
SAS - Start Average Speed
SO -   Straight on at an intersection
SSO - Stop, Straight on at an intersection
TEE or T - A point where one road terminates at another at approximately right angles. It is not possible to go straight on at a tee.

TRANSIT ZONE A specified section of the route containing no checkpoints. You are given a specified time to travel the distance between two points. This time is included in the ideal time taken to
reach the next checkpoint.

TURN - To make a change of course or direction at an intersection which would not have been made in the absence of the turn instruction.

TOWARDS - A turn in the direction of the indicated navigational aid, visible from the intersection.